A new childcare centre is set to be built in Melton, despite concerns about congestion at its Coburns Road site.

Melton council last week approved a planning permit for a two-storey centre, able to accommodate 146 children, on the corner of Coburns Road and High Street, Melton.

Councillors had previously raised concerns about the low number of on-site parking at the centre, and problems with congestion in the surrounding area, which includes Melton Secondary College and Melton Specialist School.

Councillor Michelle Mendes voiced these concerns again at last week’s council meeting, but was the only councillor to vote against the planning application.

“Coburns Road is going to get busier and busier over the coming years, with the traffic affecting right down into other parts of Melton,” Cr Mendes said.

“I’m genuinely concerned that we are providing childcare for 147 places, you tell me if the City of Melton requires a childcare service of 147 places?

“With 147 children, how many cars are we going to have on those streets at any one time?”

Councillor Yvonne Sebire said the growth of the region made more childcare services a clear choice.

“I feel that the applicant has addressed our concerns and done their best to change the car parking situation,” she said.

“Given the growth in the area, I think it is prudent to have another childcare centre.”

Councillor Ken Hardy said congestion around the site could be reviewed over time.

“The traffic management plan can be, and will be, reviewed if it is necessary,” he said.

“I’m expecting a reasonable proprietor of a childcare to manage those inflows of traffic.”

The centre was approved by eight votes to one.