The notorious Cherry Street level crossing will be the first of three in Wyndham to go with the state government finalising its plan for the project.
The state government last week confirmed a revised design for a new road bridge, which will be built east of the existing crossing to connect Tarneit Road and the Princes Highway.
Major work on the project is expected to start next year.
The finalised plans also include a well-lit, accessible pedestrian underpass to enable pedestrian and cyclist access to homes and local shops.
Werribee MP Tim Pallas said the project would create a safer shopping precinct, improve traffic flow and provide a more reliable journey for those travelling to and from the Princes Freeway.
“Like many level crossings across Melbourne, the Cherry Street level crossing has sadly been the scene of tragedy – separating trains and vehicles for good will ensure that this constant danger is eliminated,” Mr Pallas said.
“Removing the three level crossings in the Wyndham area will not only improve safety, but it will also result in more reliable journeys and will remove the boom gates that hinder us from running more trains on the Werribee line.
“Whether its new open space, shared-use paths or more modern facilities, these level crossing removal projects provide valuable opportunities to enhance the area around them.”
Mr Pallas said the preferred option of a road bridge followed extensive design and site assessments.
He said the design would mean no impact to a major oil pipeline and only minor road and rail disruptions during construction, compared to other designs.
“During consultation, the community preference was for signalised intersections instead of roundabouts and this has now been incorporated into the design,” Ms Pallas said.
A footpath on the new road bridge and a shared-use path will be built south of the Werribee line between the pedestrian underpass and the south end of the bridge.
Residents will be invited to an upcoming community session to give feedback on aspects of the project, such as pedestrian underpass designs and the type of plants used in landscaping.
Meanwhile, planning for final designs at Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing and Werribee Street in Werribee continue.
All three crossings in the Wyndham area will be gone for good in 2022.