Garden-lovers are encouraged to join Friends of the Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden and Hume council to celebrate the garden’s 20th anniversary.

The Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden pays tribute to the work of Australia’s most prolific rose breeder, the late Alister Clark.

Tended by volunteers and Hume council, the garden is dedicated to growing, displaying and promoting the world-famous roses developed by the former Bulla resident.

Mr Clark (1864-1949) released 122 types of roses, many of which have since been lost to cultivation.

All 67 of the Alister Clark roses currently available, including climbing, pillar, polyantha and hybrid tea bush roses, can be seen in the beautiful garden.

The free anniversary event will be held on Saturday, November 11, from 10am on the corner of Green Street and Bulla Road in Bulla.

Visitors will receive a copy of the new Roses of Hume book.

For more information contact Helen on 9205 2306.