Cavaliers will be letting their fur down every month at Brooklyn’s new dog park.

The Cavalier Meet-Up in Melbourne’s West group was established in 2016 for Cavalier King Charles spaniels and their families.

Co-ordinator Karen Hollis said more than 40 dogs turned up to last month’s meeting at Brooklyn Dog Park.

“The dogs had great fun testing out the mini agility equipment, exploring the community toy box, chasing each other around and keeping their humans entertained,” she said.

“The park includes a separate ‘time out’ area for small and older dogs – this was great.

“Cavaliers are active and sociable dogs. They are always happy.

“They really enjoy playing and interacting with other dogs, especially cavaliers.

“The group gives the owners the opportunity to get out and about and do things with their dogs in a safe, friendly environment.”

Natalie Hough, whose seven-month-old Banksy has nearly 500 followers on Instagram, said he loved his first outing to the dog park.

“It was his first cav meet-up with the group in general and it was also his first time at the Brooklyn Dog Park,” she said.

“We just felt super happy because all the other cavs were friendly and of a similar size, so he was just in heaven.”

The group meets at Brooklyn on the second Sunday of the month from 10am.

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Goya Dmytryshchak