Part of Altona’s Esplanade will be closed to cars and turned into a piazza-style space during summer.

The Esplanade will be closed between Pier and Bent streets from December 15 to March 1.

The 100-metre stretch of road between Altona Life Saving Club and Weaver Reserve will have tables and chairs, with seating spaces inspired by the Brighton beach boxes installed at the park.

Seating spaces inspired by the Brighton beach boxes in Weaver Reserve. Image: Hobsons Bay City Council

The trial follows discussions between Hobsons Bay council, Altona Life Saving Club and traders.

Six parking spaces on the eastern side of Pier Street, between Queen Street and Altona Pines Fish and Chips, will be used for an extension of outdoor dining and bike racks.

Parking restrictions could be implemented for 12 parking spaces opposite, on the western side of Pier Street, to encourage quicker turnover and help offset the loss of parking.

Cyclists will still be able to pass through the Esplanade.

Six parking spaces in Pier Street will be “reimagined”. Image: Hobsons Bay City Council

Councillor Sandra Wilson said she was really excited about activating the foreshore.

“It will have great benefits for, not just the club but, the broader community,” she said.

“For the last couple of years, I’ve certainly had requests from community members about pedestrianising a part of the foreshore.

“There have been safety concerns raised by people sitting at Norfolk Cafe watching the movements across that area, particularly with the life saving club when Nippers is in season.

“But apart from the pedestrianisation and safety and security concerns, it really does activate the most precious part of Altona that’s very much loved and I think that it will deliver so much benefit.

“If there’s flexibility and there’s great community support, it could be extended beyond the summer season.”

Cr Tony Briffa said the move was a long-time coming, first mooted 10 years ago.

“I think the community will love what’s going to happen there over this period.

“I am glad that we’ve worked very collaboratively with the local traders and the Altona Life Saving Club about what we’ve got planned there.

“We’re not just going to close the road … we’re going to be activating that area so that area’s going to look absolutely amazing.

“If people love the pop-up park in Yarraville … wait until they see what’s going to happen in Altona.”

The council has allocated $150,000 in this year’s budget for the Altona beach precinct.

The closure was endorsed by councillors at this week’s council meeting.

Community consultation will be conducted throughout the trial.