Fourteen years of hard work have paid off for Caroline Springs singer Stephanie Angelini – her debut album is released this week.

Angelini recently flew to Los Angeles to record the album with American producer and songwriter Preston Glass, who has worked with artists such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Lionel Richie.

She was given eight weeks to learn a dozen songs written by Glass and fellow songwriter Joe Mandica. The album, Life Lessons, took a week to record.

Angelini said creating the album required total dedication and passion.

“Once completed, my team and I sifted through the songs and decided eight would make it on the album,” she said. “We then added a couple more original tunes, a remix and a cover of a Patsy Cline classic.

“I had great support behind me so I knew this album was something special.”

Angelini began singing and performing in school musicals 14 years ago before progressing to amateur theatre. She then began training with

Young Talent Time’s Jamie Redfern before being selected to sing the theme tune for Neighbours in 2013. Since then, Angelini has been performing around Melbourne.

She hopes the album will allow her to perform around the world.

“I hope this album reaches the lives of many people, heals a broken heart, fuels a fire to a budding romance and empowers all,” she said.