A father and son have appeared in court after police seized 622 cannabis plants from houses in Point Cook and Williams Landing last year.

Qui Nguyen, 54, and Quan Nguyen, 24, faced the County Court last month where they pleaded guilty to cultivating a commercial quantity of cannabis.

The court heard that in June 2017, police searched a house in Caldwell Road, Williams Landing, where they arrested Quan and his sister Quin Nguyen.

Police found 50 semi-mature cannabis plants under cultivation at the house.

After police reviewed Quan and Quin’s mobile phones, they searched five other addresses in Point Cook.

Police found 69 plants at a house in Dunnings Road, 76 plants at a Florey Avenue house, 140 plants at a Marble Road house, 136 plants at a Santander Crescent house and 151 plants at a Freshet Avenue house.

Judge Mark Dean sentenced Qui to six years jail, with a minimum term of three years and nine months.

Quan was sentenced to two years and three months jail. He must serve a minimum of nine months before he will be eligible for parole.

Justice Dean said both father and son would be deported after serving their sentences.

Quin was previously charged with possession of cannabis. She recently faced a magistrates’ court and was sentenced to 100 days’ imprisonment.