Little ninjas have descended upon Watergardens Town Centre these school holidays.

A number of inflatable Ninja Kid obstacle courses have been set up around the mall and centre manager Joe Galea said they’d proven to be a big hit.

“With courses, the biggest being 12 metres long … and a special course for the little ones near Kathmandu, this school holiday activation is sure to delight kids and parents of all ages,” Mr Galea said.

The course is a race between two ninjas.

Both competitors step up to the line, the big screen will count down to the start and then the timer begins.

At the end of the course, the participants hit a red button on their side of the finish line and the winner is shown live on the big screen.

Afterwards, photographs of the little ninjas competing will be emailed for future bragging rights.

However, it’s not the only family fun to be had.

Hoyts has planned a range of movies for kids specifically for the school holidays while Watergardens Play Care will be hosting an array of arts and crafts, activities and fun games for kids.