A woman who was hospitalised, along with her partner, after a two-car collision on Duncans Road has started a petition to upgrade the road.

More than 210 people have signed Katherine Ewert’s petition at Change.org, which says Duncans Road is “notorious for car accidents”.

“Cars overtake onto oncoming traffic all the time – even when it is unsafe to do so,” the petition says.

The petition also says Duncans Road needs to be widened, with the installation of service lanes for tractors, traffic lights, speed humps, speed cameras and more lighting.

Ms Ewert said the collision occurred last month, about 5.30pm on a Sunday.

“It was extremely foggy so I was driving pretty cautiously [around 50-60 kilometres] down Duncans Road,” she said.

“A black Mercedes flew out of Aviation Road, didn’t give way – probably because he couldn’t see the intersection, regardless he was driving way too fast in terrible conditions – then turned/swerved onto Duncans Road, lost control of his vehicle and hit us head on.

“I put my foot on the brake but it was too late.”

Both Ms Ewert and her partner Paul were taken by ambulance to the Alfred Hospital.

Ms Ewert suffered from whiplash and a sore neck, while Paul was diagnosed with bruised ribs.

Ms Ewert said that in something of a coincidence, she and Paul were talking about how dangerous Duncans Road is when the other car hit their vehicle.

A Department of Transport spokesperson said: “Wyndham continues to grow rapidly and that’s why we’re working closely with Wyndham council and Major Road Projects Victoria on upgrading a number of arterial roads, including the Duncans Road interchange, to help reduce congestion and improve safety.”

“We inspect Duncans Road regularly to determine the need for safety improvements and carry out everything from resurfacing works to minor repairs such as fixing potholes.”

See www.change.org/p/wyndham-city-council-make-duncan-s-road-safe to sign the petition.