Sunbury SES volunteer Angela Corby knows first-hand the benefits of volunteering.

Ms Corby joined the SES three years ago in unexpected circumstances.

“My son wanted to join [the SES] and he was only 17 at the time so I had to drive him to the information night and I was sitting there and I thought, ‘What an awesome bunch of people’ so I joined with him,” she said.

The accountant by day said volunteering with the SES was a very rewarding experience.

“You get a great sense of satisfaction helping the community, and it’s like an extended family,” Ms Corby said.

“It gives you a sense of purpose, it gives you an activity outside of being a mother and an accountant.”

Ms Corby said she encouraged all women to consider volunteering at the SES ahead of their recruitment information session.

“Everyone’s given an equal opportunity,” she said.

“The guys support me when we’re out on a job, I might be cutting up trees and the fellas are directing traffic and picking up what I cut up.”

Sunbury SES will be hosting two information sessions, on March 20 and 21, at 7pm for people interested in becoming a volunteer.