If you’re feline inclined, cat foster carers are needed by Hobsons Bay council.

Altona North’s Anne-Marie Thorsen has had five foster kittens in four months and calls herself a cat “auntie”.

She looks after the felines until they are at least one kilogram and can be adopted out to their fur-ever homes.

“At the moment I have brothers,” she says.

“For me, the benefit is I don’t know if I want to stay in Melbourne long-term and I love having animals in my home.

“So, I might not have the ability to have a lifelong commitment but I certainly have a home and a heart to open up to show these little guys what love is.”

Hobsons Bay mayor Jonathon Marsden said the council worked hard to rehome as many impounded animals as possible.

“We work closely with the community and rescue organisations to provide a second chance for stray and abandoned cats and kittens throughout Hobsons Bay,” he said.

“A team of 10 volunteer foster carers participated in a one-year trial, which has helped more than 50 kittens find new homes.”

Foster carers provide homes for a kitten or cat until they are adopted, which can take between one week and several months.

For more information about becoming a registered voluntary foster carer contact the animal management unit on 9932 1000.