Jenny Willis’ life was turned upside down when her then four-year-old son Daniel suffered a 24-minute seizure, leaving him with global brain damage.

Daniel was diagnosed with epilepsy earlier in his life, however the seizure, when he was four, left him requiring around-the-clock care.

He can have seizures that lock up his diaphragm and he can only breathe out.

“That’s how he ended up with global brain damage. His diaphragm locked up for 24 minutes,” Ms Willis said.

Daniel is now 23 thanks largely to the efforts of Ms Willis, but she remembers clearly the feeling of helplessness after Daniel’s seizure.

With almost a quarter of a century of experience as a carer, she’s determined to offer more support for Brimbank families in a similar situation and is hopeful of setting up a carer’s hub.

“I didn’t know where to go when this happened so to have someone to talk to about things and help find connections is really important.

“I want to see other carers get the help I didn’t have when I started.”

The Brimbank council has put together a feasibility study on the proposal.

Ms Willis is also in the process of buying a van to take Daniel on day trips.

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