Road safety campaigners are renewing calls for an overpass at one of the Calder Freeway’s most notorious intersections.

Calder Action Group campaigner Russell Mowatt, a New Gisborne resident, is urging the state government to push on with plans for an interchange at Calder Park Drive.

The group launched an online petition last week because it believes the government has “gone quiet” on the issue.

“A business case for this project, including design detail, environmental approvals and acquisition overlays has been with the minister for over 12 months, but no priority has been publicly allocated nor
any construction funding approved,” he

Mr Mowatt said he spoke from experience, having been involved in a serious crash on Calder Park Drive with his daughter about a decade ago.

“I drive down the Calder Freeway at this location on a regular basis and have the same issues as other residents with the reduced 80-kilometre [speed limit], vehicles lined up during peak period on the Calder Freeway shoulder, turning right, and accidents still happening at the Organ Pipes Road U-turn intersection,” he said.

“As the safety risk remains, and local and regional population growth continues … this intersection will become a serious community safety hazard and economic penalty.”

He said that the Calder Action Group would continue to press the state government to move on the construction of the overpass “at the earliest possible date”.