VCAL students at Al-Taqwa College in Truganina have launched a mobile café.

The student-run café, called ATCino, has been open for business in the morning before classes and during recess. It’s also operating on Friday afternoons, after Islamic prayers, in front of the Al-Taqwa Mosque.

The college’s VCAL co-ordinator Stefanos Chrisoulis said the café project was designed to give students an insight into running a business, including quality control and costs and profits.

“The project is a long-term project and is also aimed at giving our teachers and senior students what they like – a hot beverage!” he said.

“We have spent quite a bit to fund the project, and are involving all the VCAL students.

“This will follow on to next year, where the year 12 students will do a barista course before working in the café stall.

“Any surplus funds will be pumped back into the school for other projects.”

Mr Chrisoulis said credit needed to be given to the college’s assistant head of VCAL, Miss Urooj Shah, for facilitating the project, and the other staff involved, including Al-Taqwa’s vice principal Mohammad Hallak, who is also a barista.