Melton traffic congestion is on the agenda for VicRoads and an interchange at Bulmans Road in Brookfield is one of the options being explored.

Brookfield residents and Melton council last week renewed calls for a full diamond interchange at Bulmans and Clarkes roads to ease traffic during peak times.

VicRoads’ transport and planning metro north west director David Teague told

Star Weekly that land on Bulmans and Harkness roads had been reserved for a potential future full diamond interchange with the Western Freeway.

“We’re upgrading roads right across Melton to slash congestion and make it easier and safer for people to get to where they need to go,” Mr Teague said.

He said that VicRoads was working through potential options to improve traffic flow along the Western Freeway.

Tim Roberts, of the Brookfield 3338 residents group, launched an online petition which attracted more than 3500 signatures in three weeks.

“A large number of residents that we have spoken to had expressed the frustration with having to drive two kilometres in the wrong direction to travel westbound on the Western Freeway,” Mr Robert said.

Melton council also said the proposed interchange was a “high priority” and it would continue to advocate to the state and federal governments.