A beloved Bulla community asset has been the target of vandalism for the second time in a month.

Members of the Tullamarine Live Steam Society arrived at Bulla Hill Railway station on April 11 to find some of the track’s gates had been broken, and posts and signs had been pulled from the ground.

The wooden signs had been snapped and metal poles had been bent. One of the toys used to decorate the track had been torn up.

Society president Kris Siderov said the “mindless vandalism” was “frustrating” for the volunteers, who put a lot of effort into maintaining the railway as an attraction for the community to enjoy.

Mr Siderov said the damage had occurred some time since volunteers were last at the station on Saturday, April 7.

The society is having to carry out repairs for the second time in just weeks, after it was put back about $1200-$1400 when the station house was broken into and robbed in March.

The “mindless vandalism” occurred in the same week that the community tennis pavilion next door was broken into.

Bulla Village Tennis Club president Larry Pelley said the pavilion clubrooms were broken into early last week. He said some coaching equipment had been stolen.