Brooklyn residents are calling for a greater portion of the $5 million Hobsons Bay council received from the state government as part of the West Gate Tunnel project to be spent in their suburb.

Brooklyn Residents Action Group (BRAG) president Bert Boere said the suburb would be one of the worst affected by increased truck traffic and associated noise and air pollution yet only $500,000 has been allocated to the community.

In December 2017, the council secured $5 million funding. It will allocate $2.25 million to Donald McLean Reserve at Spotswood, $2.25 million to W.L.J. Crofts Reserve at Altona North and $500,000 to three Brooklyn reserves.

“Sporting bodies in Altona North and Spotswood are to receive the bulk of the
$5 million while only $500,000 is to be allocated to the affected community in Brooklyn,” Mr Boere said. “This does not seem at all fair.

“The Brooklyn Hall, which was built from funds largely raised by the Brooklyn community in the mid-1960s … is not of a standard that is acceptable when comparing it to other areas in Hobsons Bay with similar facilities.

“Brooklyn Hall should be demolished and an up-to-date community facility with childcare, health care and aged care developed to cater for the needs of the Brooklyn community, especially as Brooklyn is already recognised as, and continues to be, one of the most polluted areas in Australia.”

Hobsons Bay mayor Jonathon Marsden said the funding had been allocated based on needs identified in 2017, when the West Gate Tunnel environmental effects statement was released.

“At this time, Crofts Reserve in Altona North and Don McLean Reserve in Spotswood were due for significant upgrades, including new pavilions, sports grounds and lighting developments,” he said. “There has been $500,000 allocated from the $5 million funding pool towards further improvements to Brooklyn, Rowan and Duane reserves in Brooklyn, with an additional $50,000 contributed by council.

“We will continue to work with the Brooklyn community to investigate their needs and seek appropriate future funding and partnership opportunities for Brooklyn Community Hall.”