A Brookfield woman whose dog was fatally attacked earlier this month says she feels frustrated at the lack of action from authorities.

Jenny MacMillan was on holiday with her husband on August 8 when she received a call from a friend who was looking after her two dogs to tell her that her nine-year-old poochon, Bo, had been attacked and had to be euthanised.

“We were in Georgetown [Queensland] when we got a call from our friend,” Ms MacMillan said.

“She said she was out walking the dogs when another dog had stuck its head through a hole in a fence and grabbed Bo and ripped his jaw out.

“My friend spoke to a woman at the council about it the next day, the Friday, who said they would investigate and take the [attacking] dog and put it into a pound until it was settled,” Ms MacMillan said.

“That satisfied me, but on the Monday my friend met the council down where the attack took place and the fence was all fixed up. So they didn’t take the dog.

“I want some aknowledgment that their dog killed my dog.

“I’d probably like to see that dog put down so this doesn’t happen again. But I mainly want people to take responsibility for their actions and own up to the problem.”

Melton council acting compliance manager Andrew Mason said that while the council could not comment on an ongoing investigation, several options were available if it deemed a dog attack had taken place.

“The consequences of a dog attack can include issuing a fine to a dog owner, declaring a dog as menacing or dangerous, seizing a dog, imposing criminal convictions and more,” he said.