Brimbank Park finally has a cafe.

Lumbar and Co Coffee has taken out a 10-year lease of the site and co-owner Fraser Clark has big plans.

“We’re going to be fully licensed and open seven days a week,” he said.

“Sunday afternoons we’ll get a bit of music and might even put a spit on the barbecue.

“There’ll be white wine, jazz music – it’ll be a place to relax.”

The bar and dining area will be renovated and is expected to be open for business in early 2019.

In the meantime a pop-up cafe is open at the shop front.

Mr Clark said he was enjoying getting to know the area and people.

“We’ll be here over summer, including Christmas Day and Boxing Day,” he said.

“We’ll be serving light snacks and we’ll even have a menu for dogs.”

The park has been without a cafe for a little more than a year and Mr Clark said his main goal was to get people to return.

“We want people interacting around the park,” he said.

“We definitely want to do things like farmers’ markets and we’d love to do car and motorbike shows on the grounds behind the cafe.

“The cafe will provide a great clubhouse atmosphere, and will welcome all to truly celebrate the natural environment, and promote active enjoyment of what is one of Melbourne’s great metropolitan parks.

“It’s about bringing the community together.”