The Rowsley Fire Brigade is looking for new members, with a recruitment push over the winter months.

The Brigade, which has suffered from a diminishing volunteer base over recent years, relies on volunteers to provide crucial services to the community during emergencies.

Rowsley Brigade Captain Joseph Hammersley said the brigade is predominantly seeking active community members who can perform duties as firefighters after training appropriate to the role.

“There’s more to volunteering with Rowsley Fire Brigade than just firefighting,” he said.

“This brigade needs people who can assist with important community education programs, promotions and displays, fundraising and administrative activities.

“All CFA volunteers receive nationally-accredited training and develop skills that can be used outside CFA, including in the workplace or at home.

“We need more community members to join so we can maintain our mission to protect lives and property now and into the future. We cannot do this without the support from the community.”

If you are interested in joining Rowsley Fire Brigade, contact Brigade Support Officer Jess Annear at the District 15 Headquarters on 5329 5500.