A Little River bridge that featured in the 1979 film Mad Max is receiving a $500,000 upgrade.

Kirk’s Bridge, which appeared in a scene in which Mel Gibson’s character wiped out four bikers in a fatal pursuit, will receive a safety boost thanks to the work.

Every year, more than 120,000 vehicles use the bridge, which runs between the Wyndham and Little River areas.

Wyndham mayor and growth and transport portfolio holder Peter Maynard said Wyndham council and Greater Geelong council had teamed up to fund the works at the “iconic” bridge.

“The bridge will be repaired, stabilised and painted,” Cr Mayhard said.

“These works will improve the safety of the bridge, allow for future upgrades to the road surface and prevent further corrosion and damage.”

Cr Maynard said the works were scheduled to finish by the end of this month.

“While Mel Gibson may have wreaked havoc on Kirk’s Bridge as Mad Max Rockatansky, these upgrades will help make hundreds of people’s daily trips safer and smoother,” he said.

See wyndham.vic.gov.au for more information.