A Hoppers Crossing resident who says his dog escaped after an attempted break-in has been fined by Wyndham council for having a dog at large.

Manu Grover said that although the dog escaped because the would-be burglar left a house door open, the council was refusing to overturn the fine.

Mr Grover said the labrador, Max, was found in his street after the incident in September last year.

He said that he and his partner did not report the attempted break-in to police as nothing was stolen and they did not want to waste officers’ time.

Mr Grover said he was also fined for having an unregistered dog, although Max was registered with the council – but at his former address.

Mr Grover said that in total, the fines issued by the council added up to between $700 to $800.

He said he had tried explaining the circumstances of the attempted break-in and registration to the council, but that the council would not withdraw the fines.

“I’ve appealed three times to them and they are just brushing it off,” Mr Grover said. “They are saying we have to pay – that’s it.”

Council corporate affairs manager Emily Keogh said that if a dog was loose due to a burglary the council required a police report into the matter.

She said that in Mr Grover’s case, “this evidence was requested but not provided in the review process and his appeal was denied”.

Ms Keogh said residents appealing against fines had the right to have the matter heard in court.