Baynton brothers who saved a man from a burning car have been presented with a bravery award for their efforts.

Daniel White and his brother Nick received The Royal Human Society of Australasia bronze bravery award for their courageous act.

In March last year, the brothers were driving on the Burke and Wills Track in Baynton when they came across a smokey engine.

“We looked to the other side of the road and there was a smashed-up car,” Daniel said.“We noticed there was a guy in there so we pulled over. We were trying to get him out and his leg started to catch fire. We had to pull him through the seatbelt and out through the driver’s side of the window.”

Once the man was out of the car, the fire started spreading quickly and Daniel and his brother had to move fast before calling triple-0.

“We had to take off his pants and shoes because they were on fire,” Daniel said.

“He wasn’t really conscious. He had a really smashed up shoulder and it was quite floppy. As the car caught fire, the surrounding bush and grass did too. We had to keep moving him away.

“We made a little sling out of a blanket to hoist him up.

“It all happened really fast. It was hectic getting him out of the car because … the seatbelt wasn’t really co-operating.

“We had to navigate up the embankment because the fire was spreading. It was more trying to get him out of harm’s way. The car was crackling and it was getting pretty hot and smokey.

“It was lucky we were both there because it took a bit of energy to get him out of the car.

“Once we were on the other side of the road, the CFA, police and ambulance got there.”

The rescued man was airlifted to hospital with severe burns to his legs, bruises, and an injured shoulder.

“He survived and he’s out of hospital,” Daniel said. “It’s really lucky that he survived.”

The brothers were presented with a bravery award at a ceremony at Government House last week. Daniel said it was a nice gesture to be recognised for their efforts.

“We didn’t expect it. We were just trying to get him out of the car,” he said.“It’s a nice little thing. If someone’s in trouble I think it’s always important to help