A mother says she is shocked by the actions of a driver who hit her 10-year-old son while he was cycling home from school in Sanctuary Lakes.

Marlene (who only wanted to be known by her first name) said her son was riding near a roundabout at the Point Cook Road and Jamieson Way intersection, about 3.30-3.40pm on Thursday, March 28, when the incident occurred.

Marlene said a woman driving a black car – which her son described as “medium-sized”– collided with him as he cycled across the road.

Her son fell onto the road and the woman drove over his bicycle, which was broken in the process.

The woman wound down her car window and asked Marlene’s son ‘Are you OK?’, to which he replied “Yes”.

Marlene said the woman, whom her son described as dark-haired and wearing sunglasses, drove away.

Marlene said although her son said he was alright, she was angry that the driver did not stop or offer to call someone for him.

“He was just left on the side of the road, with a broke bike, alone, with a swollen wrist and a large bump on his knee,” Marlene said,

“He said to me later ‘Mum, when I was down on the street, I saw the lady roll over my bike and I was worried she would roll over me, but I was quite happy that she didn’t’.”

Another woman, who was driving behind the black car, got out of her car and walked Marlene’s son to the footpath, before returning to her own vehicle. Marlene said luckily, not long afterwards, a family friend drove by, saw her son and took him to a GP.

Marlene said she and her husband rushed from work to see their son.

She said although they had reported the accident to police, officers had declined to investigate, as her son’s injuries were not considered serious.

Marlene has posted an appeal on the Point Cook Community Facebook page for anyone with information about the collision.