A book written by St Dominic’s Primary School students placed in the state and national libraries.
The Melton School has been working with students from Geelong Grammar throughout 2019 as part of a program from the state government to partner schools from different socio-economic groups.
As part of the program, the schools had regular visits to each other and worked with artists, writers, and musicians to create a special memento.
School leader Nicky Jones said it was an amazing experience.
“It was about two groups of young children coming together from different parts of Melbourne to explore, share and dream together,” Ms Jones said.
“It was a bit of a shared adventure that we had together, and the goal was to build some bridges and strengthen communities, which has being fantastic to witness.”
The result of the partnership was the book ‘It’s Our Time’, which is about coming together and forming new friendships throughout the year.
As well as creating the book, Ms Jones said it was a great achievement for the school to have their work included in the state and national library collections.
“The kids are pretty chuffed to have the book in both those libraries,” she said.
“We’ll also be giving a couple of copies to the Melton Library, so it can be in our community as well.
“It’s a huge achievement for the school, and I was really proud of our kids for the way they came together and embraced each other, and you wouldn’t think the two groups of students were from such different backgrounds.”