The small, rural community of Bolinda is a big but welcome change for the primary school’s new principal.

Greg Clement has made a tree change to take on the role, having come from a teaching position at “a much larger school” in Frankston.

The now-Sunbury resident has taken over leadership of the 35-student school from former principal Stuart Telford.

Mr Clement said while the environment was very different to where he had previously worked, he was already loving the small community-feel. “The kids are all so close here,” Mr Clement said. “They treat each other like a little family, which is great.”

Mr Clement teaches one of the school’s two classes – the pupils ranging from prep up to grade three.

He said a benefit of the few number of pupils was that each child could receive individual attention. “I was here for one day and I knew every single kid’s name in the school,” Mr Clement said. “And I’ve met the majority of the parents in the first week.” He said the school was also able to easily cater for individual needs.

“We’re able to make an individual learning plan for every student, so that they can work towards their own goals.”

Mr Clement has brought 1500 donated books with him to help build the school’s library.