Authorities investigating a mysterious blood red pollution discharge in Stony Creek have closed in on the likely source.

The Environment Protection Authority believes it has pinpointed the premises responsible for the discharge, discovered in Stony Creek at St Leonards Avenue near Cruickshank Park in Yarraville on Saturday.

While the current evidence suggests the material is not harmful to humans or pets, the EPA is maintaining its ongoing advice to avoid contact with the water in Stony Creek.

An EPA officer attended the site on Saturday evening following the first pollution report and returned again on Sunday. Officers were again in attendance on Monday.


Stony Creek earlier this month. Photo via EPA


EPA western metropolitan region manager Stephen Lansdell said EPA believes it has identified the source of the discolouration and has taken samples from the creek to assist its investigation and determine whether it is a match for any substances at the suspected premises.

“If the match is confirmed, EPA will not hesitate to take action in line with the Compliance and Enforcement policy and ensure any necessary preventative structural and procedural changes are implemented to ensure the discharge doesn’t happen again,” he said.

“EPA is working with Melbourne Water and industry in the area to manage the issue. Stormwater controls have stopped the discharge to the creek, and clean-up works are expected later today.”


Stony Creek last year. Photo by Benjamin Millar.

Stony Creek was heavily contaminated by chemical run-off from last year’s toxic Tottenham fire.

The weekend’s pollution event is the latest in a series of such incidents already this year.

EPA last month announced it intended to lift warnings against contact with the creek water, but was forced to back down over concerns for child and pet health and safety.

Pollution can be reported to EPA’s 24-hour hotline 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).