Two Hume artists are showcasing their cultures through a new exhibition at Craigieburn.

Heba Moubarak and Catalina Billikopf Mujica both create works featuring poetic and symbolic imagery around experiences of finding strength and empowerment through questioning social and cultural influences.

Moubarak is one of seven girls in a Syrian family. She is in her final year of nursing and midwifery at La Trobe University.

She started HijabeeArt – a creative outlet for Muslim women to share in each other’s spirituality.

“There wasn’t much art that was representative of my identity or representing Muslim women,” she said.

“My inspiration stems from being surrounded by strong, compassionate and hard-working women, all of whom wear the veil.

“My artwork depicts self-love, self-growth and connection to God. Its aim is to convey a truthful depiction of our existence”

Mujica draws inspiration from magical realism, dreams and Indian miniature painting.

The art teacher said she felt very connected to dreams and dream interpretation.

The exhibition, Then Came Roses is at the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, Craigieburn Library, 75-95 Central Park Avenue until April 14.