Yet another overheight truck has collided with the notorious Napier Street bridge in Footscray.

A westbound container truck struck one of the bright yellow protection beams attached to the bridge shortly before 3pm on Tuesday, bringing outbound traffic to a complete standstill.

Delays also flowed onto Dynon Road, Hopkins Street and Cowper Street. VicRoads recommended motorists avoid the area and consider detouring via Whitehall Street and Somerville Road.

The crash was the second this month and follows a string of similar incidents this year.

Close to 80 trucks have now struck the four-metre bridge in the last decade.

Police at the scene of the truck crash. Photo by Martin Wurt / MTAG

 VicRoads last recently spent $1.2 million on an electronic overheight vehicle detection and warning system on both approaches to the bridge, hoping to reduce the likelihood of bridge strikes.

Automatic electronic vehicle detection systems on both approaches of the bridge detect over height vehicles. Signals prompt the the drivers to stop and direct them to alternate routes.

There are also a further 28 advance warning signs and five height detection devices around the bridge.

VicRoads has no plans to lower the road under the bridge.