One of Brimbank’s brightest creative minds is preparing to take an audience on an artistic journey.

St Albans-based filmmaker Saidin Salkic will be screening his sixth film, The Arrival Of A Phoenix, on Saturday, April 21, which will be immediately followed by an exhibition of his paintings.

Salkic said the opportunity to combine two of his great loves was too good to pass up.

“I quite often get asked how I separate the two [film and painting] and I thought that maybe I don’t have to. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to combine the two.”

The night will begin with the screening of the film at Longplay in Fitzroy North, where the audience will be taken on what Salkic describes as “an interesting journey”.

“The film goes for 40 minutes and really explores the relationship between image and sound,” he said.

“It’s a different film than others I’ve made, it’s playful in a way and I think it’s quite an attractive option for festivals.”

After the movie, the audience will make its way to the Brooklyn Arts Hotel for the exhibition.

“My films carry a lot of my artistic darkness, whereas my paintings carry a lot of brightness and direct joy.

“It’s a nice contrast between two different artistic mediums and I think they’ll both engage with the audience in very different ways.”