Award-winning singer Nikita Azzopardi is a well-known face around Altona, where she has cut her teeth and honed her art performing at venues and festivals.

Now the Altona resident, 22, has released her debut single, Stones.

Stones is about the anxiety I was feeling throughout my previous relationship and the support and love I had received during that time,” she said.

“The majority of my songs come straight from my diary or my personal life.”

Inspired by artists such as Alicia Keys, Sara Bareilles and Sheryl Crow, Nikita started winning singing competitions from an early age.

“I was 13 when I started singing at the Refinery School of Music in Williamstown North,” Nikita said.

“I’ve been singing for 10 years … I started playing piano and guitar.”

Two years ago, she signed with Cultivator Records and began writing and recording material for an EP due out later this year.

Nikita works full-time on recording music and performing at gigs, fundraisers and festivals.

She’s a resident musician at Altona’s Mosaic restaurant on Sundays from 2pm.