A new intersection is being built on Little River Road to give vehicles “safe and easy access” to the youth justice precinct being built at Cherry Creek.

According to the Department of Justice and Community Safety’s website (DJCS), the intersection will feature a turning lane to provide motorists driving westbound along Little River Road, including traffic exiting the Princes Freeway, with a separate lane to turn right on the precinct’s access road.

Construction of the new intersection began this month and is due to be completed by September.

Works to realign the left turn-off ramp from the Princes Freeway will also be carried out, to improve sight lines for vehicles exiting the freeway.

The DJCS website said that during construction of the new intersection, there would be disruptions to traffic on Little River Road.

During works, a single lane will be put in place for vehicles to use, for a distance of about 400 meters next to the intersection. This section of road is expected to return to use as a dual lane by September.

In addition, during construction the speed limit near the intersection will be reduced from 100 kilometres an hour to 40 kilometres an hour.

Motorists have also been warned to expect a “temporary increase in truck movement, with materials being delivered to the site during working hours”. See engage.vic.gov.au/youthjusticecentre for details.