Kinder sweethearts Lyla and Xander are counting down the days to their first day of school.

The excited duo will be among many preps starting school at Sunbury Heights Primary School this Wednesday.

Xander’s mum Tace Watson said the pair had an instant connection when they first met.

“They met at Learmonth kindergarten at the start of last year and they’ve just bounced off each other and they were mates ever since,” Ms Watson.

She said it was “pure coincidence” that Lyla and Xander would be attending the same school.

“When Xander found out Lyla was going, he was stoked and then we actually asked for them to be in the same class as each other because they’re not two kids that are boisterous together … these two can sit together and they encourage each other as well,” Ms Watson said.

Lyla’s mum Zoe Kasek said she had mixed emotions about Lyla beginning school.

“My daughter’s the oldest so she’ll be my first one going so I’ll probably cry,” Ms Kasek said.

Xander and Lyla will be among an estimated 86,000 eager preps who started their schooling during the past week.