Wyndham council has warned that its officers are cracking down on unregistered and abandoned cars which have been dumped on public property.

Wyndham’s safer city portfolio holder Cr Kim McAliney said that such vehicles could pose safety risks to the community.

Cr McAliney said that during the last financial year, the council inspected 1252 abandoned vehicles.

“Sometimes residents leave cars that need repairing on the side of the road or parked outside their houses and this affects the pleasant aesthetic of the neighbourhood and creates opportunities for theft and vandalism,” she said.

“Giving joyriders easier targets creates dangers on our streets and this risk must be targeted immediately.

“There are also safety concerns to the community when cars on the side of the road create traffic disruption or vehicles without wheels are being propped up by bricks.”

Cr McAliney said abandoned cars also took up parking spaces which could be used by legitimate road users. She said council officers were “clamping down on all unregistered and abandoned cars on council land”.

“If they find an unsafe, unregistered, car it will be towed away immediately,” she said.

“If a car has expired registration and is not in a state of disrepair, then a sticker will be placed on it warning the owner that it will be towed away.

“Owners will then have 21 days to collect their car from the impound lot and pay the $187 cost of towing and $11 storage fees fee, after that, it may be auctioned off or destroyed.

“If a car is left on a road, nature strip or any council land for two months – even if registered – council will observe that it has remained stationary for that time and it will be considered abandoned and towed away, with notice.”

To report an abandoned or unregistered vehicle, call 9742 0777 or email mail@Wyndham.vic.gov.au.