Wyndham’s young “geniuses” are set to wow the crowds on one of television’s biggest talent shows.

Harjap, 10 and Ekam, 8, who attend the 3rd Eye Academy in Truganina, were among seven local kids who auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent showing off their mind and memory tricks.

The children, aged between six and 14, were blindfolded and asked to accurately identify flashcards, objects, colours, international currency and randomly selected serial numbers by harnessing their senses and special cognitive skills.

The 3rd Eye Academy specialises in intuition, mind and brain development programs for children and young people.

Teacher Jignesh Shah said students undergo rigorous testing when they enrol.

“Each child has a dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test, a fingerprint scan, when they enrol,” Mr Shah said.

He said any child has the ability to be a “genius” if taught specific skills.

“There are many layers of our conscious and subconscious brain and once we unfold all these layers, we reach advanced levels of learning.”

The Wyndham youngsters are yet to hear whether they made it to the next round of the TV series.