Subway means more than mere sandwiches for one employee.

Tiffany Morelli, 28, is the longest-serving employee at Subway Kyneton.

Having worked at the store for a decade, Ms Morelli said she was “proud and happy” to hold the record.

“It’s given me practical skills that help in everyday life,” she said. “I love interacting with customers and it’s given me a sense of belonging in the community.”

Store owner Joshua Rice said Ms Morelli approached the store when she was 18-years-old through Windarring, a local organisation committed to eliminating barriers for people with disabilities.

“This is classified as her work placement,” Mr Rice said. “This is her practical job.”

Mr Rice said he was proud of Ms Morelli’s efforts.

“She does many different jobs – she does sandwich preparation, lunch orders, banking,” he said. “It’s very structured,” he said.

“She arrives to her shift with a huge smile and a positive approach to work.

“She loves working with the public and has a strong bond with some of our regular customers who come in specifically on days Tiff works.

“We love having her work with us.”