A not-for-profit that delivers dental treatment to disadvantaged refugee mothers and children in Wyndham Vale is all smiles after receiving a sizeable grant.

The Health in Kind organisation was recently awarded a US$10,000 grant (about $13,830 Australian dollars) as part of the Wrigley Company Foundation and Australian Dental Health Foundation Community Service grants program to help it expand its services.

Health in Kind started three years ago with a mission to deliver health care free of charge to underprivileged communities around Australia.

Dr Alpa Lodhiya said in the past year, the organisation has been providing free dental care through its mobile dental unit to the refugee community at the Iramoo Community Centre in Wyndham Vale, at mums and bubs sessions. The service has treated more than 110 patients in that time.

“We try to be a source of support for them as they try and transition into the country,” Dr Lodhiya said.

“A lot of them don’t get access [to dental care] because of travel issues or language issues – they’re a little bit reluctant to seek health services, so we try and bridge the gap for them.”

Dr Lodhiya said the grant would allow them to take their general screening to the next level.

She hopes to eventually expand the program across Australia.