Three performing arts teachers have banded together to create a musical theatre company for the west.
Platform Studio Productions has formed after the trio of teachers, Damian Alexander Bernardo, Cailin Debrincat and Natasha Mateus identified a gap in the market.
“We’ve worked in the industry for many years, I’ve been in it nearly 20 years all across the country and even overseas,” Mr Bernardo said.
“The three of us have worked together on projects for schools and youth groups over the years and really love working together. We share a passion and thought why not combine for this.
“There are lots of opportunities for kids in the west when it comes to performing arts, but what there isn’t a lot of is shows, so we thought why not put one on?”
Ms Mateus said the call out for students will go out far and wide.
“Our students who love to sing, dance and act have no outlet to perform and be creative unless they are in a school environment,” Ms Mateus said.
“We would like to ensure that as many young people as possible can benefit from this opportunity to build their performance skills, techniques and abilities.”
The group will be holding its first show, In The Heights in March next year.
Mr Bernardo said rehearsals will begin shortly.
“In The Heights isn’t a show a lot of schools do and we wanted to provide a new opportunity,” he said.
“If anyone is interested in auditioning, all they need to do is email as and we’ll send out all the instructions.
While this is just the first show, Mr Bernardo hopes it continues for many years to come.
“This is something we’d like to make an annual event. We want to provide lots of opportunities throughout the year.”