A little school with a big heart has been promised nearly $4million if the state government wins next month’s election.

Altona North Primary School this week received the pre-election pledge from Labor’s Williamstown candidate, Melissa Horne, and retiring Williamstown MP Wade Noonan.

“A few months ago, I visited Altona North Primary School and a number of structural issues to the school’s buildings were brought to my attention,” Ms Horne said.

“Both of my parents were teachers, so public education is really close to my heart.

“Altona North Primary School is a really special school with a strong social justice ethos.”

The school, which has 188 pupils, plans to use the $3.8 million for much-needed upgrades.

Principal Robyn Gregson said it would be nice to be able to give the children classrooms they could be proud of.

“We might be a small school, and we are often overlooked, and I think it’s time that people see us for who we are,” she said. “Our children work hard at their academic results and we bring in as many social justice areas that we can to support kids and families, and they support us back.

“The support continues outside the school’s classrooms.

“We do have a community pantry here for anyone who needs it,” Ms Gregson said.

“Same with our breakfast club – it’s not just for children who don’t have food at home, it’s for everybody.

“We use it as a social activity so there’s no stigma in anything that we do.

“We’ve worked hard with Wade to find homes for people and he’s been extremely supportive with us there.

“We’ve had people living in cars, tents, caravans, so we’ve got on to the housing and fought to get them into a home so that the children have got more stability and the parents have got less stress.

“We send parcels home for those that need it.

“We just support those families and check in on them, see how they’re going, without making a big scene.

“We gather around together. We have a fabulous community.”