After being a dentist for 12 years, Dr Mohit Dubey last year took the leap of operating his own clinic, Horne Street Dental Group in Sunbury.

Dr Mohit says he is relishing the opportunity of providing new techniques and materials to treat his patients.

“I especially love seeing patients who are really anxious and scared of visiting a dentist,” he says.

“We regularly see many people who have this issue.

“Recently, I saw a gentleman who was so scared that even sitting down on a dental chair made him cry.

“The way our team managed this phobia had incredible results, to the point that not only did we provide treatment but he now sees us regularly for his oral health needs. He no longer has to neglect his teeth because of his phobia.

“We also find the use of nitrous oxide (happy gas) is a great help for anxious children and adults. We love seeing kids who get confidence from the ways we treat them.”

Apart from general services, dentures, implants and clear braces, the clinic carries out sleep studies to help people at risk of apnoea and bruxism (teeth grinding).

“We also have the latest technologies to make our patients’ treatments comfortable,” Dr Mohit says.

“We use a wand, which is a computer-controlled device for numbing gums; an ozone machine to ozonate water to disinfect and clean root canals and oral wounds; and laser machines to provide quicker healing and treatment of gum infections and cleaning of root canals. It’s all about patient comfort and highly effective treatments.”

Dr Mohit loves his profession and values the input of his team.

“Dentistry gives me the ability to restore someone’s smile and relieve patients’ pain, as well as renew their faith in dentistry when they experience fear and anxiety,” he says.

“I wouldn’t be able to function without my team. As we dentists are busy providing treatments, my team members provide exceptional customer service from the moment someone walks in to when they leave.”

Horne Street Dental Group has been looking after Macedon Ranges people for 19 years and was previously owned by Dr Shayne Hateley.

There are plans to develop and enhance the practice while staying on top of advanced technologies.


Horne Street Dental Group, 34 Horne Street, Sunbury. Opens Monday-Saturday, evenings throughout the week. Inquiries: 9740 3588 or visit