Dallian D’Cruz wants to share the keys to building and sustaining a not-for-profit enterprise.

Dallian has been chief executive of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay Local Learning Employment Network (WynBay LLEN) for ten years and is passionate about what the network has achieved.

With a focus on brokering relationships between decision-makers in the secondary, post-compulsory education sector, business, governments and agencies – he is on a mission to make sure young people in the west achieve their dreams and become successful.

A big part of that is helping create opportunities in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay for disadvantaged young people.

“Aside from being really passionate about what you do, you can’t be all things to all people, so you must be clear about the help you want to provide and not get lost or spread yourself too thin,” Dallian says.

“We broker partnerships to create opportunities. We lobby governments, both state and federal; we bring organisations together to enable and facilitate change. You need to be able to articulate clearly what you want to achieve.”

WynBay LLEN as an advocacy group has affected more than $25 million in investment by what Dallian describes as “facilitating and leveraging through a relationships-and-partnerships approach”.

“We are an incorporated association of stakeholders representing business and industry, community organisations, education providers, local government and, of course, parents and families,” he says.

“And although we are dealing with large companies and government agencies, our office is small (six employees) and our budget is tight, so we must always maximise every dollar.

“My advice to others starting out in a not-for-profit enterprise is to make sure you have systems in place to keep your operation’s books in order.”

Dallian says that MYOB has been a financial life-saver.

“MYOB enables us to do our own business and income activity statements; it enables us to run our payroll all from the one integrated system,” he says. “In fact, our office manager does all of this while still performing her greater responsibilities with ease, as the software is so intuitive.

“It covers all the needs of the financial management of a business and lessens the wage burden on our bottom line.”

“We have been doing what we’ve been doing for 17 years and that all comes down to prudent business management,” he says.

“You have to identify your revenue streams and establish how you will maintain them over time. If you don’t have a strategic plan or vision, and if you don’t have a financial plan that supports that, then you will go out of business. Really think about your financial strategy going forward and finally check in on your fixed costs as they will inevitably change.

“Then you can impact people’s lives over time, which is a huge blessing.”


WynBay Local Learning and Employment Network, 2 Main Street, Point Cook. Opens 9.30am-5.30pm Monday-Friday.  Inquiries: 9394 6331 or wynbayllen.org.au