Dr Paul Dowie, man of science, former Olympic squad member and, by all accounts, an all-round good bloke, offers his renowned treatments and eye-opening advice at any one of the five Foot and Leg Pain Clinics that he’s founded across Melbourne including, of course, Willy.

Dr Dowie has helped all types, from seniors with arthritic knee pain and children with growth pain to tradies and elite athletes from all fields including  eight of the world’s number one tennis players, to name a few.

A former long-distance runner and Olympic taekwondo contender, Dr Dowie understands pain at a personal level. After injury ended his sporting career and Olympic dream, it propelled him to focus on helping others with their foot and leg pain and injuries. He had already completed a science degree majoring in anatomy and physiology, followed by an honours degree in exercise physiology, and a four year degree in podiatric medicine, so it wasn’t a stretch to become a doctor specialising in foot, knee and leg concerns.

Dr Dowie says his treatment plans aim to achieve long-term pain relief, increased mobility, improved foot, ankle and knee function, and increased joint and tissue strength and condition depending on individual requirements.

“Treatments can also heal soft-tissue injuries, and regenerate knee, ankle and toe joints and tissues in cases of arthritis,” explains Dr Dowie. “They can also modify and correct postural concerns, faulty foot and leg function and assist in children’s growth and development issues, as well as eliminate the need for anti-inflammatories and medications.

“I’ve treated patients who’d previously been told knee replacement  or surgery was their only option, and helped them to avoid or prolong these, which is so rewarding as a practitioner.”

Foot & Leg Pain Clinics, 90 Ferguson Street, Williamstown. Inquiries: 1300 328 300