DreamZzz Luxury Bedding has been making sleep-time comfortable for nearly 15 years, its longevity attributed by owner Sue Glavan to top-quality Australian-made products and old-school standards of customer service.

Sue was already a well-known face in her community through her 10 years managing DreamZone, before she assumed ownership about four years ago and renamed the store DreamZzz Luxury Bedding.

Since then, with offsider Rita Timpano, Sue has seen her business become the go-to place for all things bedding.

A Sunbury local for 33 years, Sue has great faith in her products and has never lost sight of the need to focus on giving her customers good advice and attention to their needs.

“When we have someone come in desperate for a comfortable bed to ease their back pain, it gives us genuine pleasure to guide them to the right choice of mattress,” she says.

“We have a good range of mattresses designed to alleviate other health conditions, too.

“But even when it’s a young couple looking for their first bed together, we can help them choose one that’s just right for them, one that will stay comfortable for many years to come.

“And older people, who might have put up with a lumpy or sagging mattress, will leave our store very happy with their purchase.”

Hotels and motels regularly use DreamZzz mattresses, bases, pillows, toppers and protectors, while camping enthusiasts also find the store the perfect place to get something custom-made to boost their camper van experience to glamper van status.

“If someone wants a mattress to meet out-of-the-ordinary needs, we offer custom-made mattresses with different specifications to meet that need,” Sue says. “We really are an all-purpose bedding outlet.”

Sue and Rita believe their old-fashioned country store approach is one for which today’s customers hunger.

“Our customers are special and we want to make them feel that way,” Sue says.

“We listen carefully, we love a chat and, most of all, we want their shopping experience to be one that gives all of us pleasure.

“It’s a rewarding business, helping people of all ages who want to spend their money wisely on a bedding product that will serve them well.

“That’s what it’s all about.”


DreamZzz Luxury Bedding, Store 8,  75 Vineyard Road, Sunbury. Opens 10am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-3.30pm Saturday. Inquiries: 9740 7222 or dreamzzzluxurybedding.net.au