Hankering for Haggis? Cruising for a caramel? Perhaps you have a penchant for Scottish lamb pie.

Whether you are a Scottish Australian or you’re looking for authentic Scottish cuisine to impress your dinner guests, Mowatts is the only place to go.

Seriously. The only place.

Stephen, a butcher by trade, has been working since he was 15 years old.

Following a move to Australia in 2001, he and his wife Donna were struggling to find traditional Scottish fare, so Stephen started making it himself.

“A lot of friends were asking for Scottish sausage, that’s how it started … they just weren’t around, and if you did find one it didn’t taste like it’s meant to,” Stephen says. “I was making it on the side whilst working as a butcher, then decided to take the plunge and open our shop.

“Add in four kids, and life is busy.”

As well as selling homemade haggis, Scottish lamb pie, tattie scones, white pudding and more, the store also stocks popular British convenience foods such as lollies, chips and of course, Irn Bru.

“Chewits, pot noodles, Highland toffee, fruity brown sauce, Tunnocks products, we have it all for the Scot missing home, and we deliver Australia-wide,” Stephen says.

“We have customers from all over Australia, and we have people also drive up for the day from all over Melbourne, especially on a Saturday.”

Why Saturday?

Every Saturday, from 9am to noon, they sell the best Saturday fry-up you’re likely to find, especially if you want a side of haggis or Scottish breakfast sausage.

“Coffee is on the menu too, so make a day trip of it and come on down and bump into some fellow Scots and stock up your freezer,” Stephen says.

The Sunbury shop is as busy as ever and in the coming months Stephen and Donna will open their second store in Geelong.

Business is finally booming, but things weren’t always so rosy for this wee Aussie success story.

“It was a struggle for a few years … you have to keep at it,” Stephen says.

“We used to go to all of the Celtic festivals, and still do … that is how we spread the word, and two years ago, we finally hit our stride.

“I am the only Scot I know in Melbourne making Scottish food … and that’s why it tastes so good.”


Mowatts, 54 Macedon Street, Sunbury. Opens 9am-5pm Tuesday-Friday and Saturdays 8am-1pm. Closed Sunday and Mondays. Inquiries: 8088 3021 or visit scottishfood.com.au