Cousins Maz and Huss Elbodon, who come from a long line of greengrocers, have steered their own outlet, Hoppers Fresh, for the past 17 years as it has become the local destination of choice for fresh produce.

The pair head to Epping Market every day to snaffle the freshest fruit and veg; their cauli, cabbage and broccoli all come from the market gardens of Werribee South; and their cherries – everyone’s Christmas must-have – are supplied by orchards in Wandin.

Speaking of Christmas, the store will have all the stone fruits – grapes, melons and cherries – ripe and ready, and at prices that trounce supermarkets. For example, right now, cherries are just $10 compared to $18 a kilogram – although prices vary to match market supply.

Vegies get the same attention to quality and diversity, but there’s another specialty these cousins have up their sleeves – an on-site juice and gelati bar.

For just $6 a litre, you can get customised freshly squeezed and pulped juices, made from different types of fruit and veg. These are good to grab any time, but they come into their own during the festive season as terrific drink, punch and cocktail mixers.

Another fab option for Christmas are platters of fresh fruit. Pick up one Christmas Eve as an effortless way to bring a crisp, colourful and mouth-watering antidote to the generally rich food enjoyed on the big day. Even kids look for a healthy bite after all the chocolate and candy canes.

If you’re yet to discover this well-run greengrocer, it might be time to make it your own – and Christmas could be the perfect moment.

Hoppers Fresh, Hoppers Crossing shopping centre, 24 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing.