Cris Ivanidis, owner of Active Audiology in Altona, and his colleague, audiologist Marina Opacak, are offering trials of the latest invisible in-ear hearing aids from Oticon Opn.

Cris says audiologists at his clinic have been fitting Opn technology in the behind-the-ear style for the past 12 months with very consistent results – and now the latest invisible in-ear hearing aids have arrived.

“We found, with the behind-the-ear Opn hearing aids, that patients were coming back feeling more confident in conversations in group situations,” Cris explains.

“Their speech understanding was greatly improved and listening strain reduced – which meant they didn’t feel exhausted at day’s end.

“Just last month, the new invisible in-ear aids were released, using the same amazing technology but for wearing inside the ear. They are so tiny but pack a powerful punch in user features.

“The difference with Oticon is the 360-degree sound experience. Traditional hearing devices block out surrounding noise and focus only on what is in front of the user. In contrast, the Oticon Opn hearing aids collect sounds all around, giving users a more natural and complete hearing experience.”

Clinicians at Active Audiology are keen for people to know that, according to the latest studies, untreated hearing loss gives rise to a greater risk of dementia.

“Hearing aids lessen the burden on the brain, helping stave off cognitive decline and leaving users less tired,” Marina says.

“If you have two people with hearing loss, both will experience a degree of mental decline, but the hearing aid user will experience less brain deterioration.”

Marina believes finding the right hearing aid is only half the solution.

“The other half is finding the right professional who puts people at ease and is technically competent with fine-tuning,” she says. “I see many people who have been fitted with aids from other clinics, only for them to put them in a bedside drawer because of disappointing results.

“After a 60-minute appointment, I can re-tune the settings and make the aid feel comfortable and functional.”

Active Audiology is one of the few remaining independent clinics in Victoria. Clinicians are free to prescribe all brands of hearing aids without any commercial restrictions.

All the brands, to suit any budget, are available, giving patients the ultimate choice.


Active Audiology, 10 Harrington Square, Altona. Opens 9am-5pm weekdays.
Inquiries: 9398 3331 or visit


Audiologist Marina Opacak checks a patient. (Damjan Janevski)

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