When VIP Family Day Care opened 11 years ago, it was the first privately owned family day care service in Victoria.

It’s now one of the biggest.

A family fun day in late October will coincide with meet-and-greet sessions with management and educators to show families who are considering the home-based day care option what sets VIP apart from conventional day care providers.

Food trucks, a jumping castle, a petting zoo and refreshments will be part of the festivities on Sunday, October 29, from 11am-2pm.

Group owner Angela Buttigieg says she is proud of the business she has built, the most successful family day care outfit in Victoria.

“We have experienced staff, experienced management and ensure we have enough staff to monitor and maintain the homes,” she says.

“At the end of the day, we make sure our educators are really caring, organised and focused individuals, with a passion for children’s welfare and education.”

Angela says she set up the open day so families can see how VIP manages the administrative and management side of the business and so families can meet the fantastic educators.

“You really do get the best of both worlds with VIP,” she says.

“You get the assurance of a systems-driven day care facility with the warmth and care of a family home.

“We have organised slideshows showcasing our educator’s homes so parents can see the true advantage of family day care, as opposed to the more sterile environment you can come across in a traditional day care setting.

“All educators are welcome to see what VIP Family Day Care can offer them, as well. Pop in for a cup of tea and a bikkie.”

Kerri Pearson, an educator with VIP, says her own kids love it.

“My parents, who are retired, even pop in and read the kids a book sometimes,” she says.

Mary Cotter, a VIP Family Day Care client, is overjoyed with the service she has been offered for her son, Liam.

“As we don’t have family nearby, I really wanted a nurturing family feel for my little boy,” she says.


VIP Family Day Care, 29-31 Industrial Avenue, Hoppers Crossing. Inquiries: 9360 0689 or visit www.vipfdc.com.au