Since the arrival of principal Andrew Harnett in 2010, Bayside P-12 College has embraced some significant transformational change, with heavy investments in educational programs, staff development and modern infrastructure at each of its three campuses.

Mr Harnett says this has been evidenced through NAPLAN and VCE data highlighting the college as one of the strongest performing schools in the west, including growth in some areas stronger than the state.

“We are really keen for the wider community to see the amazing work and results our students have produced,”
Mr Harnett says.

“We urge parents of prospective students to visit the college and speak to our wonderful teachers, as well as the parents who value the importance of excellence in all its approaches.

“Our staff are our greatest asset. We have an established culture of professional learning, with staff working together to meet the needs of students in an ever-changing educational landscape.

“On top of this, we have invested in the wellbeing of our students through our pastoral care program.

“This aims to develop resilience and life skills that will equip our students into the future.”

Mr Harnett believes that word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful tools available to help the college make decisions.

“Feedback in the past,” he explains, “has inadvertently questioned our standing in the community. I’m here to tell everyone that we are a pillar of everything that an excellent public school should be.”


Mr Harnett answers some frequently asked questions:

Who attends Bayside?

The college community is made up of an ever-changing, diverse student population spread across three campuses in Newport, Williamstown and Altona North. Diversity is embraced and ensures inclusiveness for all students. A strong international student program draws students from across the world.

How does Bayside rate in in-house departmental surveys?

The college cares deeply about what our students and parents think about the school and welcomes feedback to maintain improvements. Current surveys show both parents and students are highly satisfied with their Bayside experiences.

What tertiary pathways do students choose?

Unlimited opportunities are available for Bayside students. They go on to further education at University of Melbourne, Deakin, Monash and Victoria universities, as well as other interstate and overseas institutions.

What sort of pathways have past students embarked upon?

Like all great schools, the college produces students who have become successful in a variety of careers, such as medical, legal and education professions, along with a mix of trades and business.

What are Bayside’s year 12 results?

Bayside’s VCE scores have always been strong. Last year, the median study score hit 30 – one of the highest in the region. However, the priority each year is not the score. Ultimately it is hoped all year 12 students – VCE and VCAL – are afforded the best chances possible to achieve individual goals and dreams at the end of their secondary education.


Mr Harnett says people should not merely take his word about the college’s excellence.

“Other people’s experiences play a strong role in the formation of an opinion,” he says. “To this end, we include here a selection of comments about our school from community members.”


“Bayside was a place that believed in me, it gave me the opportunity to flourish and supported me to achieve. Bayside staff were supportive and caring and genuinely wanted students to achieve great things.” Peter – past student


“Year 11 has been undoubtedly challenging, thought-provoking and exciting. My time at Bayside has provided a stimulating, pro-active environment for me to learn, thrive and discover my ambitions, set against a co-operative, encouraging culture amongst students pursuing their own studies.” Charlotte – current student


“My three children graduated from Bayside as confident young people excited about moving on to their life at university.” Sharyn – past parent

“I love the school community and the opportunities my boys have experienced over the years. I think schooling is not just about education, but about community. Bayside offers many extracurricular activities for the students and I love to see their passion as they pursue their interests, whether that be at sporting events, the school production each year or any of the many other activities on offer.” Cindy – current parent, school council president.


Primary years: Focuses on a partnership between staff, students and parents to provide young students with a foundation for lifelong learning

Voyager: A years 7-9 inquiry-based program, equipping students with critical and creative thinking skills for the 21st century.

Rangers: Students experience learning in a variety of outdoor environments – from the coast to the mountains. Develops an appreciation for the environment as a resource for leisure that needs protection.

Academic Achievers: An academically challenging program designed to extend the talents of high-achieving students.

Elite Tennis: Gives students the opportunity to pursue their tennis dream through a rigorous on- and off-court program. Students balance their sport with study in the Academic Achievers Program.

Pathways: Students in senior years are offered exemplary course and career guidance in order to prepare them for life beyond school

Senior School VCE, VET and VCAL: Senior students are offered a diverse and extensive range of curricula, links with community and industry, and opportunities for students to fast track VCE studies in year 10.

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Principal Andrew Harnett. (Photo supplied)

Principal Andrew Harnett. (Photo supplied)

Bayside P-12 College students Luca (17); Charlotte (17); Kasey (13); Jessie (13); Hannah (7); Zack (8) and Alyx (13). (Photo: Damjan Janevski)

Bayside P-12 College students Luca (17); Charlotte (17); Kasey (13); Jessie (13); Hannah (7); Zack (8) and Alyx (13). (Photo: Damjan Janevski)