Justin Giddings, Chief Executive of Avalon Airport, paints an appealing picture.

“You’ve got a family of five. Two parents and three kids aged 12, 10 and 7. They live in Werribee and they want to holiday on the Gold Coast.

“They want to fly out mid-morning from Avalon Airport – it’s such a quick trip from Werribee, a short drive straight up the highway. But they figure they should check out airfares at both airports – just in case it’s worthwhile travelling all that distance out to Tullamarine.

“To their surprise, they find that they actually stand to save a few hundred dollars on airfares if they travel from Avalon.

“They look into Avalon carparking prices – and they’re pretty good, especially when you consider that all the parking is right out the front and a quick walk (or quick walk/jog/skip/hop/commando-crawl if you’re the seven year old) to the terminal … just $79 for six nights.

“But they’ve heard about the SkyBus that now stops in Werribee – in Synnot Street – and work out that the five of them can travel to and from Avalon Airport for a grand total of $72, because kids travel free with parents on SkyBus (and everyone uses the free wifi!).

“SkyBus arrives punctually and drops the family at the front door of the terminal – no queue, so they check in immediately and, just a couple of minutes later … they’re through security and in the departure lounge. Decision time. Seven-year-old wants to head straight to Kids Zone, but 10 and 12 year old won’t be caught dead there and are hanging out to race motorcycles in the Games Room. To avoid an awkward conflict right in the middle of the lounge, parents agree to buy coffee and sandwiches and to split up, each accompanying a child or two to their chosen adventure.

“There’s playtime, there’s pizza, there’s free wifi and 12-year-old even gets to recharge the iPod before the flight.

“Before they know it, they’re at the gate, on the plane then thawing out at the Gold Coast.

“Coming home, their luggage is out before they are, SkyBus is right out the front for them and the holiday ends as it begins – simply.”

Mr Giddings finishes: “It really is that easy. If you haven’t tried us yet – you absolutely should.”


Avalon Airport, 80 Beach Road, Lara. Inquiries: 5227 9100 or visit www.avalonairport.com.au

A 3thirds cafe pizza. (Photo supplied)

A 3thirds cafe pizza. (Photo supplied)

Chief Executive, Justin Giddings. (Photo supplied)

Chief Executive, Justin Giddings. (Photo supplied)