Dr Alec Mahwendepi opened the doors of Hallets Medical Services in Keilor just four months ago, with the GP clinic offering short waiting times and a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. Of significant benefit to the local community, Hallets opens late on weekends, which can prevent a potentially long wait in hospital emergency departments.

Dr Mahwendepi says they have a treatment room for attending to patients’ small emergencies, and ably co-ordinated by Cynthia, a nurse with 20 years’ medical experience.

“We have a small but amazing team, including unflappable Cynthia who keeps children (and adults) calm when they come in with, say, a deep gash or a painful sprain,” he says.

“Jessica Pease is an accredited dietitian and she is available for appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“And there’s our reception team, led by Jessica, who works alongside Kamini, Tendai and Ishuemael. They make sure the clinic runs smoothly as they get to know our patients and communicate well on any matter.”

The doctor and his partner were committed from the beginning to providing medical services differently.

“We’ve seen that a lot of medical clinics are run by people who do not interact with patients directly and are not familiar with the uniqueness of each individual’s health needs. This can lead to recommending a wholesale approach to dealing with clients who actually need a more tailored approach.

“At Hallets, patients get to see the same doctor for continuity of care. We listen carefully, take into account a patient’s particular circumstances, and talk about how they would best like to be looked after.

“We involve our patients in decision-making about their health care, believing that while offering different solutions can be a risk, it puts the patient in the driver’s seat in terms of the type of care that best suits their or their family’s needs. Part of that can be explaining the sometimes complicated health system in Victoria and offering guidance how best to navigate it.”

Services at the clinic include child and adult immunisations, preventative care, mental health and men’s and women’s health.

Walk-in patients are welcome or an appointment can be made by phone or online via Health Engine.

Pathology and pharmacy services are close by, but Dr Mahwendepi has a five-year plan to introduce onsite services, such as psychology and podiatry. Having the clinic open for 15 hours every day is another goal he hopes to reach.



Hallets Medical Services, 870 Old Calder Highway, Keilor. Opens 10am-6pm Monday-Friday; 8am-10pm Saturday; and 1pm-9pm Sunday. Inquiries: 9135 0846 or halletsmc.com.au